By gavincaganoff / July 21, 2022 /
11 Romantic Gifts for Men Who Have Everything
Is your anniversary coming up? Is his birthday right around the corner? Are you just one of those amazing gift-givers who gives presents for no reason? If you’re trying to think of romantic gift ideas for him that haven’t been done to death, don’t worry-you’re about to get schooled. Let’s face it, shopping for men is notoriously challenging. When the roles are reversed, a lush bouquet of flowers and that gorgeous set of pearls will usually do the trick. But no worries, we’ve got 11 awesome and romantic gifts for.But before we get into the gifts, let’s answer one question: what does it mean to be romantic? If you Google the definition of the word romantic you’ll get this: conducive to or characterized by the expression of love. Notice there is no mention of flowers, candlelight, and etching hearts onto a sandy beach. Get those old ideas of what “romantic” means out of your head right now. Real romance is about showing someone that you love them. And showing them you love them means showing them that you get them. You understand them. You know what they like and, most importantly, you know what they don’t like. Whether you’ve been dating for a month or married for 20 years, being romantic is how you show you’re listening, learning, and paying attention to what has meaning in his life. By bringing such surprisingly romantic gifts for him, you can score points in front of him without doing anything more. Also, if you did a Google search you’re going to find hundreds of generic ideas such as personalized M&Ms and couples bracelets. Honestly, what guys would ever want these gifts?! Search a little further and you’ll find cuddle candles (apparently, that’s a thing), coffee mugs with witty sayings, and the “sorry I don’t have any money so here are these sex coupons” gift idea.  BORING! Now, sex checks and sexy coupons might be a fun and flirty thing to slip into his Xmas stocking as a playful little surprise—but please don’t let them be THE gift. If you really want to show your man you love him, check out our 11 most romantic gifts for men. We’ll start with easiest ones first…

#1 Dinner

By dinner, we are not suggesting that you take him to the gastropub you go to every single weekend. By dinner we mean a nice dinner…think fine dining…something with amazing ambiance and incredible food. A tiny Italian restaurant with vintage wines and recipes that Nonna Maria has been cooking since her days as a little girl in Palermo…a sophisticated steak house with killer cocktails, overstuffed leather chairs, and 40 day dry-aged cuts of meat… a chic sushi place where you can splurge on an omakase and sake pairing…Prefer something a bit more casual? How about a seafood place on the water with the freshest lobsters, scallops right off the boat, and an amazing sunset. If he’s a foodie or appreciates the finer things in life, an incredible meal can turn into an incredible experience. As long as the food is good, the drinks are flowing, and the company is right, it will create a romantic moment that you’ll remember forever (as long as you don’t drink too much). Just don’t pick a place you used to go to with your ex-boyfriend. That’s not cool. If he is more of a home body then bring the restaurant to him by either picking it up food from his favorite restaurant a la Mrs. Doubtfire style or make him his favorite meal and setup a restraint like atmosphere at home for you to enjoy in peace.

#2 Booze

DO NOT just run to the liquor store and slap a bow on a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red. (If you’re going to gift him a bottle of Johnnie, at least make sure it’s the blue label). To do a booze gift right, you’ve got to make it all about him and include lots of extras and lots of treats and lots of—you guessed it—booze. Put together a few bottles of wine from that vineyard you went to when you first started dating. Give him a massive assortment of six packs from his favorite craft brewery (or all of his favorite craft breweries). Give him a good old-fashioned bottle of Jack Daniels but include whiskey stones, tumbler glasses, and his favorite mixers. The more thought you put into it, the better. Of course if you are too busy to run around town putting together a gift for your guy then turn to us, we can help you create the perfect booze infused gift sent right to his door, checkout our engraved gifts if you are really trying to make his day!

#3 Tickets

Maybe he’s a die-hard Giants fan. Maybe he’s never missed a Radiohead show in his life. Tickets to concerts or sporting events are perfect and—bonus!—you get to go too. But don’t give him event tickets for third level back-of-the-arena seats. You’ve got to go big…think third row behind home plate or first row center. Whatever the show or sport, make sure you’ve got primo seats. You do not have to break the bank on this one, tickets to baseball games and his favorite up and coming artist can be surprisingly inexpensive, SeatGeek is one of my favorite places to look for good deals.

#4 Couples massage

Here’s another one that you get to enjoy with him! If he’s into pampering, he’ll love a couples massage. If he’s not into pampering, he just may realize that he’s been missing out on the best thing in life—90 minutes in a spa. The soothing sounds of ocean waves, the calming scent of aromatherapy candles, and you naked on a table beside him? It doesn’t get much more romantic than that.

#5 Hand-written love letters

This one is #5 on the list not because it’s pricey or hard to come by—but because it’s going to take you some time. If you’re a good writer, you might be able to get away with one serious love letter. If you’re not a great writer, you can always go the easy route and borrow some inspirational quotes from Pinterest. (But he might be able to sniff out your plagiarizing ways). If you want to be original but can’t write for shit, come up with a list of “100 things I love about you”. They can be simple, like bullet points, such as “your eyes,” and “your smile.” Just be prepared, because by the time you get to 10 you’re probably going to have to start getting a lot more specific. If you are looking for some help from the internet on this one to make it extra special custom greeting card then Pinholepress can help you out.

#6 Jewelry

Some men actually do like jewelry. Now, he might not get excited over a pair of diamond stud earrings like you would, but there is one thing that almost every guy will enjoy…and that’s a watch. It’s a classic gift, it may not be the most unexpected, and it may not be the most original, but if he’s got some style or working on building up his swagger, a great watch will put him on the right course. And a watch doesn’t have to be a wristwatch. If your guy is into more vintage style, a pocket watch can be a very cool gift. And if for some reason you remember him telling you once that his father or grandfather carried one, you’ll score some bonus points in the “wow, I can’t believe you remembered that” department.

#7 Autographed memorabilia

Whether he’s a sports fan, music fan, or movie fanatic, a piece of autographed memorabilia from his favorite athlete, singer, or film is sure to be the one gift he keeps even if you split up. We’re not suggesting you encourage him to start some insane Star Wars collection or create an altar to Jim Morrison, but a single piece of memorabilia (signed and authenticated) will definitely impress. If you’re going to buy memorabilia, just do yourself a favor and buy from a reputable dealer. (Don’t assume everything on eBay is legit).

#8 Photos

This is further down on this list for the same reasons as the love letters—it’s going to take some time. Now, you could go the easy route and frame your favorite photo of the two of you. You could go the naughty route and do a sex book with steamy lingerie shots of yourself. But the real way to give this gift is to give photographs you’ve taken yourself. You don’t have to be a great photographer to do this. If you’re handy with the filters on your iPhone, you can create some really cool shots just be cropping, rotating, and changing the hues. Is there a favorite spot that you two share? Is there a place he took you when you first started dating? Is there a favorite beach or bar or theater that he’s told you all his fond memories of? Take some pictures of meaningful places and either frame them or have them printed in a photo book. If you’re married or live together, you can even have it printed on a massive canvas that you can hang on your wall.

#9 First Edition Book

If your man is a writer, an avid reader, or a scholar of any sort, this is one gift that you shouldn’t ignore.  A first edition print of his favorite book will undoubtedly be placed proudly and prominently in his home or office. And he’ll think about how thoughtful you are every time he sees it. Depending on the book, first edition prints can be pricey, and they can be hard to track down, so don’t expect to find this gift on the fly. In other words, if his birthday is next week, you might want to start looking now with the intention of giving him this gift next year.

#10 Trip

If you’ve got the money to fly him to the Maldives for two weeks—by all means, do so! But the idea of a trip as a gift doesn’t have to be one that destroys your savings account. Assuming he likes his family—and they live in another state—consider flying him home to visit his relatives. Maybe there’s a little beach town you’ve always wanted to go to together. Or maybe you just need four drunk days in Mexico. Trips are great gifts, no matter where you’re going.

#11 Helicopter Ride

We saved this one for last, simply because it’s one of the most expensive gifts on this list. Now, in total, a flight and hotel room for a week might be more expensive, but when you break it down minute by minute, a helicopter ride may be an even more expensive gift to give. If you’re in NYC, a 15 minute helicopter ride will cost you about $250 per person, so you’re looking at about $40 a minute for the two of you to enjoy the experience together. Prices vary greatly around the country, so don’t rule this one out until you’ve looked into prices where you are.
Romantic gifts for boyfriends and husbands do exist. You just need to know where to look and be a little bit creative in your choice. And hey, if you’re totally broke or just realized that his birthday is tomorrow, you can always give him some sex coupons you scribbled on scrap paper, but we really hope you don’t.So what are your great ideas for romantic gifts for your man?  If we like them we can add them to this list and one day it may become 1001 romantic gifts for guys, but that may be a bit crazy.